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Welcome to AvalonVale


We are a consultancy company specialising in HR / Payroll Solutions. We are resellers of Exelsys HCM and STAR Professional Payroll, as well as providing implementation and support services to a variety of both public and private sector clients.



Our Mission

imgTo be the partner of choice for our client organisations, by providing outstanding consultancy services delivered by dedicated, experienced professionals.


To offer unparalleled levels of customer service, ensuring that our clients return time and again for all their future requirements.

About AvalonVale


AvalonVale – Over 30 years HR & Payroll Experience

The Vale of Avalon steeped in history, centred around Glastonbury and set in the mists of deepest Somerset. The place that Arthur ruled from Camelot Castle and sat with his knights at the round table. A place full of magic, where good was done, earning the hard-way the respect of friends, colleagues and peers.