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HR/Payroll Data Migration Services

SAP HR/Payroll Data Migration ServicesMoving your legacy data onto your HR/Payroll solution can be traumatic unless data migration is managed effectively. Your in-house team will know your existing system, but there are some considerations that AvalonVale can help you with:

  • Data that works well in the existing system may need to be manipulated to meet the requirements of the new
  • Information that was deemed to be complete for previous systems may now be incomplete.
  • In order to achieve a full business picture, new data may need to be created.
  • How you can move your existing data smoothly so that it is still available.

AvalonVale offers you experts that has successfully managed many previous full HR/Payroll data migration life cycles and understands the process. We can assist you with implementing the new system uploads with timely, high quality, re-developed and enhanced legacy data. We can help you with:

  • Legacy system to new  system data translation
  • Data migration using product specific tool-sets
  • Third party solutions integration