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The AvalonVale Delivery Approach (TADA©)

At AvalonVale, we have experience in working to the following methodologies within the HCM implementation marketplace:

  • The AvalonVale Delivery Approach (TADA)Ascendant© is a robust and powerful implementation method, aligning people, process, knowledge and technology to help complete projects sooner and at less cost to clients
  • ASAP© was developed to ensure the successful, on-time delivery of a project. SAP delivers the AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) methodology for project management and system implementation. ASAP uses a phased approach to ensure successful implementation of a project
  • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step was developed to support Microsoft Dynamics projects including AX 2012 and NAV

Following on from this experience, AvalonVale decided to create our own scalable methodology which is designed around the requirements of HR/Payroll implementations but not specific to any one system i.e. our approach is not directly associated with SAP, it applies to any HCM project. We decided to call this approach The AvalonVale Delivery Approach, abbreviated to TADA©.

TADA© uses a phased approach in a similar way to Ascendant© and ASAP© but it is our belief that the phases are more specifically relevant to the way we work and can easily be measured by the successful projects delivered under the TADA© methodology. The five phases are as follows:

  • Definition
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Support

All TADA© documents are stored on our own SharePoint server and available on-line wherever we are working. This means that our consultants, project managers, testing and support teams have access to the same information, to deliver a consistent and successful service. TADA© documents are also delivered to the client as part of any project or support activity, so that the client can also refer back to the wealth of information available after we have left the client site.

By taking the key elements of TADA, we have also created a Fast Track version of TADA, which enables to deliver Exelsys implementations in a very short timescale and thus deliver Exelsys implementations to a budget to suit our target market place.