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Our Organisational Charting Solution

Organisational ChartingAvalonVale signed a partnership agreement with Ingentis GmBH of Germany in January 2010, to distribute their organisational charting suite of software products in the UK.

The Ingentis product suite are the perfect compliment to your HR solution, being fully compatible all HR products currently on the market. Data is transferred through standard data technologies, in addition there is a specific data transfer link with all versions of SAP.

We sell the following Ingentis products:

  • org.manager®
  • org.simulator®
  • easy.pes®

Ingentis org.manager® suite provides real-time information about your organisation in an easy to read graphical format. Charts and reports are updated automatically as the data in the underlying system is modified and the entire process requires virtually no manual intervention.

The key product features of Ingentis org.manager® are:

  • Rapid installation – the software can be installed in less than a day and charts can be published immediately
  • Unattended operation – After initial configuration, charts are published without manual assistance
  • Compatibility – org.manager® connects directly to all major HR systems including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and many others
  • Automated updates – As data is modified in the HR system, the published data can be updated automatically and immediately or on a daily basis
  • Proven performance – org.manager® is one of the leading organisational charting and visual HR management tools for SAP HR customers

AvalonVale also provides advice on the capabilities and use of the Ingentis org.manager® suite, including how to visualise your organisation with the tool, how to get the best views of the data, data cleansing using the tool, installation, training and support.

There are now three videos that you can watch to give you a better overview of Ingentis org.manager® (you will need your sound switched on to be able to watch the videos properly):

Ingentis org.manager® video part one

Ingentis org.manager® video part two

Ingentis org.manager® for SuccessFactors

Please register your interest in Ingentis org.manager® through our website and we will send you further details of the product and arrange consultations and presentations to assist you with the process of selecting the most appropriate organisational charting tool for your business.

AvalonVale working in partnership with:    Ingentis org.manager