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SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint Services from AvalonValeWe have trained SharePoint experts who can work with you to build a Microsoft SharePoint solution to match your requirements.

Our experts can:

  • Build SharePoint sites for small companies who have access to SharePoint Foundation which is available free of charge with assorted Windows Server versions
  • Build SharePoint sites using the additional functionality of the premium versions of SharePoint in either of the 2010 or 2013 (on-premise or Office 365) versions
  • Build SharePoint sites to support and accompany your HR implementation projects
  • Build specific SharePoint sites to support your own HR functions for example:
  • Time recording
  • Policy storage
  • Expense entry
  • Annual leave request

We also have experience in preparing SharePoint solutions for:

  • Invoicing
  • Customer support portals
  • Capital Expenditure
  • etc.

Please register your interest in our SharePoint Solutions through our website and we will send you further details of the types of services available. Following this initial contact we can arrange consultations and presentations to assist you with finding the SharePoint solution to meet the needs of your business and help you to start to realise the benefits of this great tool that Microsoft supplies.